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Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Whatever their chosen medium, students passionate engagement in art making is key to their success in the sculpture program. The sculpture program offers instruction in working with a wide range of media, including stone, wood, mixed media, glass, fiber, and metal. Students develop familiarity with technical processes including mold- making, foundry, woodworking, and welding, as well as with building processes using various media. In addition to this practical knowledge, students gain an understanding of conceptual and installation issues affecting their chosen medium. To enhance students familiarity with form, the program emphasizes cross-disciplinary study. Students who elect to study figurative sculpture and anatomy, for example, are encouraged to take studio courses in movement. Students interested in kinetic and/or multimedia works explore computer-controlled devices and other new technologies. Advanced seminars and “theme classes” explore issues common to all three-dimensional arts, such as narrative, functionality in art and design, mixed media, installation, public art, and art as object and image.

Foundation Year

Liberal Arts and Art History Requirements

Total Credits: 30

Sophomore Year

Major Requirements

  • Fall/Spring
  • Studio Electives 6 cr. Fall/Spring
  • 3D Elective from Ceramics, Fibers, Glass, or Metals 3 cr. Fall/Spring
  • 3DSC - 200 Level Sculpture Electives 6 cr. Fall/Spring

Total Credits: 30

Junior Year

Senior Year

Liberal Arts and History of Art: Soph-Senior Year

  • Fall/Spring
  • HART-History of Art electives-6 cr.
  • LASS-Social Science elective-3 cr.
  • LALW-Literature and Writing elective-3 cr.
  • LAMS-Math or Science elective-3 cr.
  • LA-Liberal Arts elective-6 cr.
  • LAHART-Liberal Arts or History of Art elective-3 cr.
  • Summative Elective-Take one 400 level course from LALW, LASS, or LAMS-3 cr.


Studio Foundation 18 cr.    
Sculptures/3DTD 36 cr.    
History of Art 12-18 cr.    
Liberal Arts 24-30 cr.    
Studio Electives 24 cr.    
Total Credits 120 cr.