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Academic Catalog 2020-2021 
Academic Catalog 2020-2021 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional and Continuing Education Courses


Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) at MassArt offers courses and workshops primarily during evenings and on weekends during the fall, spring, and summer semesters and during the winter intersession. Located on first floor of the Artist’s Residence, PCE offers an array of undergraduate and graduate level courses that can be considered for transfer to other colleges, including MassArt’s undergraduate programs.

Who Can Register for PCE courses?

Matriculated undergraduate students may register for PCE classes during the Add/Drop period often at no additional charge for tuition. However every PCE class contains a class specific fee that will be added to your total charges. Matriculated undergraduate students who register for courses in both the undergraduate program and PCE are responsible for the fees associated with each. PCE credits will be added to your state supported credits and one charge will be calculated from the combined total credits based on the undergraduate tuition and fee rates.

Students must obtain approval from their advisor for their PCE course selection before registering for classes if they wish to transfer the credits to their degree program. Add/Drop policies, as well as class schedules are different from undergraduate college policies and calendars.

Matriculated BFA students with outstanding tuition and other charges are not eligible to register for PCE classes or workshops.

BFA students who wish to register for nine or more credits through PCE must obtain the registrar’s signature on their PCE registration form.

Course Cancellation/Meetings

Continuing Education classes may be canceled if under-enrolled. PCE classes have independent schedules and meet on faculty/staff days, registration days, and during day school vacations, review boards, or examination periods. They do not meet on state holidays or when the college is closed.

Adding or Dropping PCE Classes

To drop a PCE class, BFA students must complete an Add/Drop Form and obtain the signature of their faculty advisor. Students are encouraged to inform the instructor of the course. Failure to drop a course officially results in a NC (No Credit) grade. Consult the Continuing Education catalog regarding Add/Drop dates and refund policies.