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Academic Catalog 2013-2014 
Academic Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Arts (General Education Requirements)

Science Requirement: students are required to demonstrate competence in a math or science area as a degree requirement. They can do so in several ways: successful completion of a math or science course offered by the Liberal Arts department; successful completion of a math or science course taken at a consortium college, transfer credit of a math or science course, or successful completion of an approved science or math course offered by other departments. In this last example, demonstrated competency does not reduce the number of credits required in the liberal arts department.

These college-wide liberal arts requirements apply to all majors except History of Art and Art Education. See those majors’ pages for their specific liberal arts requirements.

Foundation Year

Liberal Arts Requirements

Total Credits: 3 - 6

Sophomore Though Senior Years

Liberal Arts Program Requirements

  • Fall/Spring
  • LAMS - Math/Science Elective 3 cr. Fall/Spring
  • HART/LALW/LASS/LAMS - History of Art or Lit/Writ/Film or Social Science or Math/Science elective 0 - 3 cr. Fall/Spring
  • LASS - Social Science Elective 3 cr.
  • LALW - Lit/Writ/Film Elective 3 cr.
  • LA-SS/LW/MS - Soc Sci, Lit/Writ/Film or Math/Sci Elective 3 cr.

Total Credits: 15-18


Freshman Seminar 0-3 hrs    
Literature, Writing & Film Criticism 9-21 hrs    
Social Science 3-15 hrs    
Math & Science 3-12 hrs    
Total Credits 24-30 hrs