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Academic Catalog 2013-2014 
Academic Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Resource Center

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) at MassArt strives to address the needs of all learners, regardless of ability or disability, and help all students maximize their academic success. The ARC does this by assisting students to identify strengths, manage vulnerabilities, formulate academic study plans, develop essential literacy and technology skills, and acquire the communication skills that will allow them to share their artistic vision.

Services Provided by the ARC
The ARC provides a broad range of support services. Academic advisors, coaches, subject tutors, and specialists work collaboratively with motivated students, assisting them to meet specific needs and develop strategies for maximizing their strengths.

Academic Advising offers information and advising to complement faculty advising, and assists with the navigation of academic policies and campus resources.

Academic Coaching
assists students by developing strategies for academic success, such as time management, study skills (e.g., note-taking), organizational skills, reading skills and improving memory. Furthermore, the academic coach can provide direct instruction of complex, abstract concepts within the academic content of college-level courses. Assistance can also be provided for improving reading skills such as reading comprehension.

Academic Compass offers advising, mentoring, and support services to students referred by the Admissions Office. The program co-sponsors activities and events, relevant to students’ interests and academic and personal development, as they transition to college.

Assistive Technology provides instruction and guidance in use of assistive devices: Kurzweil; Read & Write Gold software; LiveScribe (SmartPen); and Voice Dream Reader.

Disability Consulting
reviews documentation, determines classroom accommodations for students who have learning, developmental or psychological disabilities or ADD/ADHD (under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA-AA)), writes referrals for neuropsychological assessments, encourages self-advocacy, and provides consultation services for students, their families, faculty and staff.

Disability Coordination coordinates accommodations under the ADA, assists students to find note takers, register for textbooks in alternative formats, and sign out assistive technology devices.

Writing Support provides individual coaching sessions focused on developing and honing students’ writing skills. Professional writers and tutors support students in all phases of writing projects, including general course assignments, research papers, artist’s statements, grant proposals, internship applications, and cover letters. All services offered through the Academic Resource Center (ARC) are free to matriculated MassArt students.

All services offered through the Academic Resource Center (ARC) are free to matriculated (degree-seeking) MassArt students on both the graduate and undergraduate level. Faculty and staff consultations are open to all faculty and staff working directly with/or on behalf of MassArt students. At this time, services are not available for non-matriculating students or those enrolled in certificate or Professional and Continuing Education programs.

Services for families include:

  • Consultations with students and families prior to application process
  • Consultations with student prior to enrollment
  • First semester assistance with the transition-to-college

Services available to faculty and staff include:

  • Individual and group consultations
  • Education and professional training in topics such as Teaching for Understanding, ADA-AA law and best practice

To make an appointment with the Academic Resource Center, email, call (617) 879-7692, sign-up to the Online Appointment Calendar (for writing support) or stop by the 8th Floor, Tower Building, to schedule an appointment (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm).