May 27, 2020  
Academic Catalog 2019-2020 
Academic Catalog 2019-2020

BFA/MA (Master of Arts)

The BFA/MA qualifies MassArt Art Education students to apply for the Massachusetts initial teaching license. After three years of teaching on the initial teaching license, graduates may apply for a Massachusetts professional teaching license without further coursework. 

MassArt students who are earning their BFA in Art Education may apply for this MA program in the spring term before they would have taken the student teaching practicum. They arrange to graduate at the end of that spring term with 120 credits, having passed a required 3-credit teaching internship but without completing the 6-credit student teaching practicum, which is undertaken as part of the MA program of study. The MA program begins in the summer that immediately follows their 120-credit BFA graduation. International students are not eligible for this program when AETE 654 and AETE 549 are both offered online. 


In 2018-2019, MassArt began offering two innovative “4 + 1” Art Education programs to enable students to complete both their Bachelors and Masters degrees in five years.

The BFA/MA program allows for deeper familiarity within context of teaching, art-making, and exhibiting. This unique program allows students to develop a personal art practice with peer student artists across disciplines.


Faculty, Courses, and Requirements