Nov 26, 2022  
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023

Jewelry and Metalsmithing

Through the creation of jewelry, functional objects, and sculpture, students in the metals program give form to their artistic vision. The metals program combines direct practice with conceptual problem solving. Students explore the methods and motives behind both traditional and contemporary metal work, learning how objects are informed by their historical contexts. Coursework is offered in all major metalworking techniques, including vacuum and centrifugal lost wax casting, vulcanized and silicone mold processes, hydraulic press techniques and die forming, and three- dimensional modeling and CNC milling. Students also learn to construct jewelry from both base and precious materials. Facilities available to students in the metal program accommodate work in welding, fabrication, machine tool and foundry processes, and blacksmithing.

Foundation Year

Liberal Arts and Art History Requirements

Total Credits: 30

Sophomore Year

Major Requirements

Total Credits: 30

Junior Year

Total Credits: 30

Senior Year

Total Credits: 30

Liberal Arts and History of Art: Soph-Senior Year

  • Fall/Spring
  • HART-History of Art electives-6 cr.
  • LASS-Social Science elective-3 cr.
  • LALW-Literature and Writing elective-3 cr.
  • LAMS-Math or Science elective-3 cr.
  • LA-Liberal Arts elective-6 cr.
  • LAHART-Liberal Arts or History of Art elective-3 cr.
  • Summative Elective-Take one 400 level course from LALW, LASS, or LAMS-3 cr.


Studio Foundation 18 cr.    
Metals/TDA 36 cr.    
History of Art 12-18 cr.    
Liberal Arts 24-30 cr.    
Studio Electives 24 cr.    
Total Credits 120 cr.