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Academic Catalog 2015-2016 
Academic Catalog 2015-2016 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Liberal Arts

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The Liberal Arts Department offers courses that encourage students to think critically, write effectively, and develop the informed, flexible minds that make art possible. All MassArt students take eight to ten courses in this department.

Freshman Seminars teach students to read written texts with college-level comprhension skills and to think analytically.

Literature and Film Criticism teach students to analyze, verbalize and organize ideas that inform verbal or cinematic art.

Writing Courses teach students to express ideas effectively in writing.

Social Sciences and History Courses help students develop an historical perspective and deepen their understanding of cultures, psyches, and societies.

Natural Science Courses teach students to understand scientific methods, principles, and facts.

Mathematics Courses teach students mathematical logic and the skills necessary for material and structural calculations in design projects.

Liberal Arts Faculty

Ben Blum, Professor
BA, Rensselar Polytechnic Institute
MA, Brandeis University
PhD, Brandeis University

Cheryl Clarke, Assistant Professor
BA, Knox College
MFA, University of Iowa

Josh Cohen, Associate Professor
BA, Haverford College
MA, Boston University
PhD, Boston University

Jennie-Rebecca Falcetta
BA, Gordon College
MA, Baylor University
Ph.D, University of Connecticut

Robert Gerst, Professor
BA, Wesleyan University
MA, University of Pennsylvania
PhD, Suny, Buffalo

Alan Gluck, Assistant Professor
BA, Trinity College
JD of Law, Washington University, St. Louis

Lin Haire-Sargeant, Professor
BA, Tufts University
MA, Tufts University
PhD, Tufts University

Noel Ignatiev, Professor
EdM, Harvard Graduate School of Education
PhD, Harvard University

Saul Nava, Assistant Professor
BA, University of Texas
MS, University of Texas
PhD, Indiana University

Marika Preziuso,Assistant Professor
BA, Universita delgi Studi di Salerno
MA, University of London (UK)
Ph.D, University of London (UK)

Debra San, Professor
BA, Brooklyn College (CUNY)
MA, University of Massachusetts
PhD, Boston University

Maura Smyth, Assistant Professor
BA, University of Maryland
MA, Indiana Universiry, Bloomingtom
Ph.D, Indiana University, Bloomington

Chris Stribakos, Associate Professor
BA, Boston University
MA, Harvard University
PhD, Harvard University

Jasminka Udovicki, Professor
BA, University of Belgrade
PhD, Brandeis University


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