Feb 27, 2020  
Academic Catalog 2019-2020 
Academic Catalog 2019-2020

MPSM408 Intensive Performance Art Studio 3cr

In this class, students develop and deepen ways
performance art fits into their practice. Through
class exercises, assignments, and personal
research, students investigate audience -
performer relationships, site-specificity, working
with extended duration, body awareness, risk
management, personae work, delegated performance
approaches, and documentation strategies.
Approaching performance art through a visual arts
lens, we investigate the history and contemporary
climate around the medium’s inclusion and/or
exclusion from institutional art contexts, public
space, and artist-run initiatives. Students
complete readings, writing assignments, follow a
course blog, and attend local art
exhibitions/events during the semester that will
be discussed in class. This course includes
guest-artist presentations, guest critics, and
significant student-led studio time. Students are
required to present works in progress and
developed pieces throughout the semester. Our
efforts culminate into a final event where
students share developed live works with the
public. In addition to exhibiting their own works,
students collaborate in the organization,
promotion, and documentation of this event.

Prerequisites: MPSM216 Performance Art Fundamentals or MPSM307 On the Spot
or  Instructor Permission

Hybrid Studio Critique