Oct 25, 2020  
Academic Catalog 2019-2020 
Academic Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDFD311 Biodesign: Designing for a Better World 3cr

Biodesign: Designing for a Better World

There is tremendous potential for positive
advancements that can be made by bringing artists
and designers into the conversation and process
of biological design. Biotechnology has entered
into many aspects of our daily lives, from
advancements in medicines and greener solutions
to the negative impacts of genetically modified
foods and crops. The speed of these developments
is incredulous, and should not be left to market
forces alone.  With a focus on people and their
experiences, a deeper level of understanding and
critical thinking around these technologies can
emerge to envision and design a better world.

This course offers an interdisciplinary platform
for students to engage, collaborate and
experiment in regards to biotechnologies and our
future. The class will participate in the
Biodesign Challenge, a global design challenge
bringing together students among leading art,
design and research institutions to compete.
Introducing art and design students to new forms
of fabrication, tools and materials used in
biotechnology. Students in the course will be
connected to a team of expert consultants, have
access to an extensive array of resources and
biotechnology labs situated right in the Boston
area. Through speculative and creative thinking,
research and innovation, small teams of students
are asked to envision, develop and prototype a
biodesign project addressing a real problem with
an achievable design solution. At the end of the
semester, one team project will be selected to
represent MassArt at the Biodesign Summit at the
MOMA in NYC at end of June 2019