Jul 09, 2020  
Academic Catalog 2019-2020 
Academic Catalog 2019-2020

SFDN207 Resonating Bodies 3cr

An experimental, cross-discipline course focused on using sound from non-Western instruments as a starting point for developing an individual
portfolio of visual artwork.  Although not a science class, we will investigate the latest
research regarding harmonic therapies, vibrational effects of metal gongs/singing bowls
on the brain, drumming, and the potential healing aspects of sound relative to personal well-being.

There will be weekly listening sessions to soundscapes with dramatically large resonant
gongs, sing bowls, and other non-western instruments.  We will listen to the  “Music of
the Plants” device developed in Damanhur, Italy, to access sound melodies generated from living plants.  In-class exercises, research, written and visual documenting of direct observational experiences with sound - physical, mental, and emotional - will develop our resource material. The format of artwork produced by students will vary depending on their interests, knowledge and experience.  This is a studio class open to all media.

Students will collaborate and create sound tools. Artists such as Harry Bertoia, Hans Jenny’s work with Cymatics, Alexander Lauterwasser, Pauline Oliveros’ “deep listening”, and others will be introduced.

Hybrid Studio Critique

Undergraduate Elective
Fall and Spring