May 26, 2020  
Academic Catalog 2019-2020 
Academic Catalog 2019-2020

SFDN185 Drawing Projects 3 cr.

DRAWING PROJECTS is a menu of advanced drawing courses building on the elements introduced in Studio for Drawing.

There are 2 groups of courses in the menu:
A.) Studio 2  (4 sections)
B.) Thematic Menu   (18 - 22 sections)


Studio 2   builds on the variety of principles and techniques introduced first semester yet explores drawing principles more intensely, in greater depth, building in time needed for practice.

     It is an essential choice for anyone who may not have entered with the strongest drawing experiences prior to art school, or are challenged by drawing and need more time and practice to develop their ability, especially in preparation for major concentrations which demand strong drawing skills.

     It is likewise directed towards students who have already acquired certain drawing skills but want to develop these further and more intensely.  They typically expect to enter major concentrations that rely more heavily on drawing, such as illustration, fashion, industrial design, animation, graphic design, printmaking and painting.

     Acknowledging different abilities within this class, a variety of challenge levels are designed for projects throughout the semester.

Thematic Menu courses advance the formal and expressive issues introduced first semester but with a specific focus area.  Intensely exploring a single theme, participants take the time needed to develop a drawing practice, conceptually and technically.  A menu of courses is organized each semester to evenly represent each of 3 areas - observation, expression, technical drawing. Students select from the menu based on their needs, interests, and with their intended major in mind, typically in conjunction with their advisor or Studio for Drawing faculty member.  [Formerly Drawing Studio II]

Prerequisites: SFDN-181

Hybrid Studio/Critique

Departmental Requirement