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Academic Catalog 2017-2018 
Academic Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LALW406 Friday Night Lights:An American Mirror 3cr.

This interdisciplinary course addresses the American television drama    series, Friday
Night Lights (2006-2011), a show that treats beliefs,behaviors,    and values    common to many 21st
century Americans. In    consultation with the professor, each student proposes, develops,and
completes a semester-long research or creative project that    considers an aspect    of this
award-winning    television series (for instance, theshow’s worldview, or its writing, acting,
editing, directing). Approved    student projects    manifest the perspective of    two or more
Liberal Arts disciplines.

In class meetings, students view     or review Season One of Friday    Nights Lights (all
episodes)    and related material. They exchange    responses    to the screened    material. They
present original scholarlyor creative    projects in    preliminary, intermediate, and final stages.    Presenters furnish ancillary    readings that contextualize    their presentations. Class
members peer review all projects.    Class    members publish their completed scholarly project,
creative    project,    or scholarly/creative project on a dedicated class website    

Prerequisites: LALW-200

Spring Only