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Academic Catalog 2014-2015 
Academic Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HART451 Seminar on Chinese Calligraphy and Literati Painting 3 cr.

In Chinese conception, calligraphy and painting are closely related to poetry. Many literati engage in two or all three of these arts. Theories of calligraphy and painting developed along parallel lines with those of poetry. Treatises on these arts use similar or even identical concepts, terms, and images that are closely related to Chinese concepts on Nature. In 687, Sun Qianli described different scripts of calligraphy are “sometimes heavy like threatening clouds and sometimes light like cicada wings; when the brush moves, water flows from a spring, and when the brush stops, a mountain stands firm.”. Zhao Mengfu (1254 - 1322) claimed that when he paints, “Rocks like Flying White; tree like the Great Seal script; the sketching of bamboos should include the Eight Strokes of calligraphic technique.”. This seminar focuses on the sophisticated written literature and the canonical works of Chinese calligraphy and literati painting. Students will read and discuss important ancient Chinese treatises (in English translation), perform book review on modern scholarships on Chinese calligraphy and painting, and write individual research papers (10-12 pages) and present their papers to the class. This course also includes a hands-on Chinese calligraphy and ink-monochrome painting workshop.

Prerequisites: HART100 and any 200 or 300 level HART course

Culturally Diverse Content
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