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Academic Catalog 2014-2015 
Academic Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

3DSC345 Sculpting the Text; Writing the Object 3 cr.

The 3DSC course and the LALW course are linked as though they were one course. The work that students do in each course is conceived, created, critiqued, and developed in a “call and response” relation to the work that they do in the other course. In the Liberal Arts seminar, student writing is read and critiqued on its own merit and in relation to the three-dimensional work being created in the studio class. The writing may be imaginative or expository, as the student chooses. In the 3D studio class, objects are designed, made, and critiqued on their own merit and in relation to the students’ writing. The objects may be done in mixed media or a single medium, as the student chooses. In both courses, student presentations and class discussions address the evolving relations between the three-dimensional work and the writing as each inspires or influences the other. Fostering this reciprocal relationship between the arts of sculpting and writing is central to both courses and the rationale for linking them.

Prerequisites: open to all Juniors and Seniors Co-requisites: LALW345

Hybrid Studio/Critique
All College Elective