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Academic Catalog 2014-2015 
Academic Catalog 2014-2015 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDAD303 Lighting Design: First Light 3 cr.

The course holds as a design goal that effective lighting design begins with an understanding of the technology of lighting - in architecture, urban planning, theatre, and the arts. The course sequence includes the physics and science of light, lighting design principles of place making, the integration of lighting with building structure and form, lighting controls, as well as new directions in energy and environmental responsibility.

First Light is a multi-disciplinary course in light and lighting design. Invited experts in the lighting and research field provide essential tools, background, and demonstrations in a lecture and presentation format, with the class culminating in a final project that solves a particular design issue. Each project is pre-selected based upon the actual needs of a corporate or community partner, and the students address specific component solutions that are covered in the course content. Typical topics include but are not limited to analysis of precedent, day lighting, product design, line and low voltage systems, the science of light, experimentation of light as material, sustainability, lighting loads, solar energy systems, and physical applications. This course is open to all levels of students, with permission of the instructor, who are interested in light and relevant problem solving. Field trips to local lighting design centers, actual state of the art projects, fabrication shops, and research by local design firms included. Study models, drawings, research and presentation boards in traditional and digital media.

Prerequisites: Open to all levels with permission of the instructor

Departmental Elective