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Academic Catalog 2017-2018 
Academic Catalog 2017-2018 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]



Studio Foundation


    SFDN109 Figurative Paint,Color and Light 3cr.

    Through painting the figure, this class examines
    current practices and uses of color as they
    pertain to both visual artists and designers.  A
    variety of color issues are explored including
    vocabulary, theories, cultural context,
    expressiveness, and pictorial qualities.
    [Formerly Figurative Painting&Color]

    Undergraduate Elective

    SFDN181 Studio for Drawing 3 cr.

    STUDIO FOR DRAWING introduces drawing as a practice of observation.  We approach the illusions of space and form through formal analysis, subjective interpretation and through the human figure. We consider and examine the multiple functions of drawing across time and culture.  We emphasize the breadth of the drawing experience and its application across disciplines. [Formerly Drawing Studio I]

    Hybrid Studio/Critique
    Departmental Requirement

    SFDN182 Visual Language 3 cr.

    From the complexities of art and design, Visual Language will isolate a series of topics for
    examination, discussion, and development. These topics are fundamental to all of the disciplines
    within the fields of art and design. The topics explored are: learning about terms and concepts
    common to all of the visual arts (for example, composition, space content, color); exploring
    material, media and presentation skills (traditional and digital technologies included);
    initiating an historical and contemporary context for art and culture (issues surrounding the
    history and the institutionalization of art, and issues in contemporary art making and critical
    thinking); and, furthering a student’s own sense of direction in the arts. Through prescribed
    projects emphasizing two-dimensional formats, students will progressively define and articulate
    their subjective interests, expressive ideas, and visual affinities.(Formerly Visual Language I)

    Hybrid Studio/Critique
    Departmental Requirement

    SFDN183 Form Study 3 cr.

    Form Study is an introduction to the central tenets of three-dimensional art and design.  Understanding 3D form and space is vital to all majors, in particular 3D fine arts and crafts, industrial design, fashion, and architecture.  It is also a necessary component for the successful composition and production of two-dimensional images.

    Employing a wide range of materials and processes, students design and construct projects that investigate the three-dimensional elements of line, plane, surface, volume, mass, and space.

    Hybrid Studio/Critique
    Departmental Requirement


    SFDN185 Drawing Projects 3 cr.

    DRAWING PROJECTS is a menu of advanced drawing courses building on the elements introduced in Studio for Drawing.

    There are 2 groups of courses in the menu:
    A.) Studio 2  (4 sections)
    B.) Thematic Menu   (18 - 22 sections)


    Studio 2   builds on the variety of principles and techniques introduced first semester yet explores drawing principles more intensely, in greater depth, building in time needed for practice.

         It is an essential choice for anyone who may not have entered with the strongest drawing experiences prior to art school, or are challenged by drawing and need more time and practice to develop their ability, especially in preparation for major concentrations which demand strong drawing skills.

         It is likewise directed towards students who have already acquired certain drawing skills but want to develop these further and more intensely.  They typically expect to enter major concentrations that rely more heavily on drawing, such as illustration, fashion, industrial design, animation, graphic design, printmaking and painting.

         Acknowledging different abilities within this class, a variety of challenge levels are designed for projects throughout the semester.

    Thematic Menu courses advance the formal and expressive issues introduced first semester but with a specific focus area.  Intensely exploring a single theme, participants take the time needed to develop a drawing practice, conceptually and technically.  A menu of courses is organized each semester to evenly represent each of 3 areas - observation, expression, technical drawing. Students select from the menu based on their needs, interests, and with their intended major in mind, typically in conjunction with their advisor or Studio for Drawing faculty member.  [Formerly Drawing Studio II]

    Prerequisites: SFDN-181

    Hybrid Studio/Critique
    Departmental Requirement


    SFDN188 Handmade Paper & Book 3 cr.

    Pulp made into beautiful sheets of paper will be used for artists books and journals filled with imagery. Students will explore Western papermaking techniques with Thai Kozo and Abaca fibers. Japanese book binding, the accordion, simple side-bound books and journals for personal mark making will be emphasized. Students will be drawing and painting with water-based pigments, hand and machine sewing, graphite, inks etc. In this class drawing skills, perception, and expression will be motivated by the extraordinary qualities of paper and the book as art for visual narrative. [Formerly titled: Pulp: Paper and Book]

    Hybrid Studio/Critique
    Culturally Diverse Content
    All College Elective

    SFDN191 Time 3 cr.

    Time-based work is an important element of contemporary fine art and design and is fundamental to all art and design studio majors.  Working in a wide range of media, students are introduced to basic concepts of art and design in time. Students will develop an understanding of temporal concerns across a wide range of time-based work including narrative, performative, spatial, tactile, and digital approaches.

    Assignments direct students in creating works that utilize attributes of time and movement; elements of serial, sequential, and narrative ordering; still and moving image production and editing; sound and image relations; and narrative and non-narrative approaches.  Students will complete a final independent project in a time-based media of their choice.  They will be introduced to the fundamental strategies used in art and design fields to conceptualize, produce, and present an independently conceived project.

    Prerequisites: Visual Language I

    Hybrid Studio/Critique
    Departmental Requirement


    SFDN205 A Studio in Mexico - Puebla and Cholula

    Join us for a magical visit to Mexico City, Puebla and Cholula. From the Diego Rivera murals and Frida’s home to the great pyramids at Teotihuacan and one of the most splendid anthropological museums in the world, Mexico City is unparalleled as a magnet for artists across media. Puebla and Cholula have inspired artists from pre-Colonial times. We travel to south central Mexico and visit remarkable sites, including colonial palaces and homes, cathedrals and basilicas, museums and art galleries, local artists and ateliers and amazing markets. Talavera covered architecture native to Puebla and covered with polychrome patterns, introduces the second part of our journey. Puebla and the historic Hotel Colonial will be our hub after 4 days in Mexico City. Pre-Hispanic tombs and pyramids with intricate stone carved drawings, dozens of religious cathedrals and basilicas built by the Spaniards with unique paintings and patterned adornments, artisan markets with indigenous groups identified by traditionally patterned garments all provide a lush environment for art students and an opportunity for immersion in a culture very different from our own and our very close neighbor. Built as a drawing and mixed media course this program would have great appeal to students interested in design as well as fine arts and across disciplines in these areas. This would include at least students interested in photography, architecture, pattern, surface design, ceramics, drawing and illustration, painting, sketchbooks, art history, cultural studies. Course considers the breadth of drawing rather than a purely academic drawing focus. We will work with drawing as a thinking device, a means of observing and visual note-taking, of exploring multiple media.


    SFDN206 Boston to Beijing: China Through the Five Senses 3cr.

    This course’s intention is to immerse students in the vibrancy and history of China through the
    immediacy of the five senses. The daily exposure to the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feel of
    contemporary and historic Chinese culture, arts and architecture will broaden students’
    understanding of this amazing country, while enhancing their own creative endeavors. The
    primary focus is the examination of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional art, within
    the context of China’s rapid rise on the world stage. During our travels we will visit Buddhist
    Temples, the splendors of Imperial Courts and the lush gardens of the aristocrats. Some of the
    sites include The Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven, Ming Gardens, and The Great Wall of

    Our sojourn through China will find us trekking through numerous cities such as Beijing and
    Shanghai, in addition to many other historically and culturally prominent locations. Each of these
    areas is steeped in history, and their spiritual and artistic lives exemplify these regional and
    external influences. Many of these sites date back to the Song Dynasty, and are of great
    significance to Chinese culture as sources of inspiration for artists and scholars of all
    backgrounds. Beyond enriching students’ cultural experience, this introduction into China’s
    incredible art, artifacts and architecture, will enhance students’ understanding of the broader
    contemporary world.[Fomerly titled Travel Course to China]

    Cultutally Diverse Content
    Fall Only


    SFDN207 Resonating Bodies 3cr

    An experimental, cross-discipline course focused on using sound from non-Western instruments as a starting point for developing an individual
    portfolio of visual artwork.  Although not a science class, we will investigate the latest
    research regarding harmonic therapies, vibrational effects of metal gongs/singing bowls
    on the brain, drumming, and the potential healing aspects of sound relative to personal well-being.

    There will be weekly listening sessions to soundscapes with dramatically large resonant
    gongs, sing bowls, and other non-western instruments.  We will listen to the  “Music of
    the Plants” device developed in Damanhur, Italy, to access sound melodies generated from living plants.  In-class exercises, research, written and visual documenting of direct observational experiences with sound - physical, mental, and emotional - will develop our resource material. The format of artwork produced by students will vary depending on their interests, knowledge and experience.  This is a studio class open to all media.

    Students will collaborate and create sound tools. Artists such as Harry Bertoia, Hans Jenny’s work with Cymatics, Alexander Lauterwasser, Pauline Oliveros’ “deep listening”, and others will be introduced.

    Hybrid Studio Critique
    Undergraduate Elective
    Fall and Spring